Creating Facebook Group

1. Creating and Controlling a Group That Shares Your Vision

Anyone who has created their own Facebook page has probably joined at least one Facebook group. Many people join dozens of groups, knowing that in each varied group the topic of conversation is going to stick close to the main topic.

When you start your own Facebook group you are the one who controls the discussions. Facebook users who seek information contained in your group will gladly join if your group is properly set up and maintained.

A well-run group can grow quite large. Once your group reaches a certain size, Facebook users will consider you a leader in the community, rewarding you for a job well done.

2. Be Seen

Many bloggers and internet marketers have developed their own web presence by spending a lot of time creating and marketing their business.

They know that the internet is a vast place and usually follow Pat Flynn’s strategy: be seen everywhere. This not only increases your online exposure, but is a great way to send traffic to your blog or website.

Those unfamiliar with Pat Flynn should note that he is a successful online entrepreneur, a podcaster and a very well-known blogger.

If you follow his simple message about being seen everywhere online, especially in your own Facebook group, you expand your online presence and grow your own group at the same time.

3. Sell Without Selling

Most people spend time on Facebook on a daily basis. Make use of the social aspect of social media and become an active part of the groups you create and the groups you join.

Creating a community of like-minded people will showcase your personality and increase your socialization skills. Just be yourself and people will buy whatever you are selling without you having to make any sales pitches.

Increase the Website Traffic

Blog, Blog, Blog

Blogging is the best way of increasing your web traffic. It doesn’t only let you create fresh SEO-friendly content pages but also helps you in creating lots of custom URLs pointing towards your website. More blog articles you write – more organic traffic you can get. For instance, a company named ‘Convirza’ leveraged blogging to its full potential. They wrote 150 posts in 50 days and published 3 blogs each weekday.

Weekly Results from Day 1 to Day 50:

– Blog Traffic Increase: 210{4800f06654dd3ce8a58ffe8b3dc26ab126064598c5ef3ac1c5c5807a241d21ec}

– Blog Organic Traffic Increase: 514{4800f06654dd3ce8a58ffe8b3dc26ab126064598c5ef3ac1c5c5807a241d21ec}

– Blog Referral Traffic Increase: 901{4800f06654dd3ce8a58ffe8b3dc26ab126064598c5ef3ac1c5c5807a241d21ec}

– Blog Direct Traffic Increase: 201{4800f06654dd3ce8a58ffe8b3dc26ab126064598c5ef3ac1c5c5807a241d21ec}

– Entire Site Organic Traffic Increase: 69{4800f06654dd3ce8a58ffe8b3dc26ab126064598c5ef3ac1c5c5807a241d21ec}

So you can see how a blog with high quality content can affect your web traffic positively. Don’t forget – it’s not just that high number of articles that did the job for them. Only quantity is never enough. It happened because of large number of blog articles, high quality content, proper blog promotion, and right monitoring & tracking.

Promote Your Blog

Writing quality blog article is not sufficient. ‘If you build, they will come’ doesn’t work in real life. To get your blog articles highlighted, you must reach out to the influencers in your industry. Try to create different visual snippets of your blog for spreading on digital mediums. Each snippet will have its own title, sub-title, image, social proof, customer testimonial etc. Share your blog articles on social media channels. Use email marketing to share your blog with your clients and prospects. Get in touch with people who have shared similar type of content. You can fins such people on Buzzsumo. Try to create a video using your blog article and share it on video marketing platforms. Create a presentation from your blog and share it on Slide Share. Once your deck is uploaded on Slide Share, ensure that it’s optimized for SEO. Focus on its title and description. Slide Share’s transcribe is very helpful in ensuring that your deck content can be crawled by popular search engines. Slide Share presentations, like YouTube videos, often rank very high in search results so you’re giving your content an even better chance of being found.

Engage Influential People in Your Niche

Influencer marketing is getting bigger every day. Influencer marketing and outreach is a powerful way to extend your reach with a target audience without relying on paid media. And people who are missing it, they are losing lots of online traffic on the table. If your content can’t reach your target audience, then it’s useless. There are some marketers who can reach out to target audience after spending lots of paid advertisement. Still, it doesn’t generate desired level of website traffic.

Did you ever think about it?

The one simple reason is – your target audience may read your content but they will not share it. Agree or not – it’s a bitter fact. This especially applies to serious, complex business content. Even if some of them share it, it won’t get you a widespread reach.

Any type of content that is not shared widely, doesn’t fulfill its true purpose. That’s where influencers come into the picture. Because, they are influencers not for nothing. They have got a big number of followers who keep an eye on what is being shared by the influencers. And that’s how your content reach out to the world. But there is a catch.

The influencer in your industry may not like your content though it might be okay for your target audience. There is a difference. Your content should be appealing for the influencers.

How to determine what they like or not?

It’s simple – find out what kind of topics they are writing and sharing online. ‘Buzzsumo’ is my favorite tool to find out the influencers as well current trending topics.

Here is a quick list of top 8 content search tools with different set of features that can be used:

  • Buzzsumo
  • Traackr
  • Tomoson
  • Pitchbox
  • BuzzStream
  • Inkybee
  • Outreachr

Using these tools, you find out the right influencers in your niche and their preferred topics. Make a list of such topics and start creating high quality content around those topics.

Fix Your Website’s On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is about what your website tells Google.Make sure that it talks sense. In search engine optimization, on-page optimization refers to factors that influence your Web site or Web page listing in organic search results. These factors are controlled by you or by coding on your page. Even if you are not an SEO expert, you can make some small but critical changes mentioned below and you will see better ranking for your website in SERPs. Better ranking for your website means higher traffic.

Make website URLs SEO friendly. Short URLs having your target keyword can be very useful.

Don’t ignore H1 and H2 tags to fill with right keywords.

The H1 tags are critical ranking factor since they send important signal to search engines as to what a page of content is about.

Make the most of Image Alt title.

The alt attribute is a modifier that gives descriptive information about the image called in an individual image tag within a page of HTML code. Remember, on-page SEO can be a low hanging fruit yet provides you a strategic advantage to get higher web traffic.

Leverage LinkedIn Fully

LinkedIn is one of the most popular source of professional networking and finding business-oriented information. So, start posting content on your LinkedIn profile and share it in different groups related to your industry. The biggest benefit of doing this will be – you will get targeted traffic to your website. This will work two-way – your web traffic will increase and your LinkedIn profile will become more impressive. You can also leverage LinkedIn analytics to know how is your content performing.

Summing Up

Website traffic works like oxygen for your lead generation and sales funnel efforts. If you are able to nail the first key challenge of web traffic increase, rest is all about managing that traffic and convert them into loyal customers. Let’s leave this topic of how to convert the website visitors into customers for another day, another blog post. Are you now ready to implement these strategies discussed above? Do you believe that it’s high-time to start making each visit count for your business? Share your experience and how you could leverage these proven web traffic enhancement strategies and how did it improve your website traffic?

Simple Internet Marketing Strategies

Get endorsed through some local celebrity

Getting a superstar may be expensive and difficult, but you can always get some local celebrity. You must have noticed business owners mostly get global celebrities to endorse their services or products.

Local celebrities are the unsung heroes, who are residents of the same locality such as a teacher and are doing something worthy and positive. Such people can be located easily as they are from your own neighborhood and it is best to contact by email or phone. Follow up such people and acquire honest feedback. These responses will promote your marketing content.

Join LinkedIn group

LinkedIn group is free to create and enables offering professional network useful and vibrant information resource while increasing sales. Do not try to sell anything using this platform.

It takes time and effort, but the goal helps in providing resources and starting discussions. Groups should enable even your members to have network online with other professionals.

Publish on niche blogs

It is tough to reach any major magazine front cover, but creating marketing opportunities and strategies by creating a popular blog is possible. You may also contact the creator of blogs targeting your market and provide ideas on how you can add value to their readers by:

· Demonstrating goodwill by providing a small amount of the service or product to the blog owner for free and this can be gifted to audience. Thus the market can be reached better than just offering information.

· Interview at your site. Send ideas through writing of how they will be useful for readers. Promote your content by enticing the blog manager.

Create YouTube videos

YouTube is a powerful platform for online marketing business. There are over 800 million visitors each month. Merely posting your product videos is not enough; these marketing videos should contain elements such as:

· A call to action

· A headline keyword-researched

· Editorial message that is absolutely clear.

You can capture online videos even through your Smartphone, if the inbuilt camera has features of editing and lighting equipment. If you own a Mac, enjoy doing with iMovie applications. Find online some free software or hire professional editor sites.

Internet Marketing Helps Business Earn Recognition

Techniques To Develop Your Business With Effective Internet Marketing

  • Drive The Audience With SEO: SEO is one of the important techniques, which uses for the promotion of your website. Without it, you cannot imagine gaining rank on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which cannot allow your business to establish its feet in the market for a long time. Thus, it helps you to drive the traffic to your website, which can help your business in generating a lump sum amount of revenue with a small investment.
  • Gain High Visibility With PPC: Pay Per Click allows your website gaining high customer viewership, which ultimately brings your product to the top page of the search engines. Your product will display in the form of an ad with the search results, which will entice the customers to click on it. As a result, it will increase the views of the users, which can also convert in the selling of your product.
  • Engage The Users On Social Media Platforms: Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are the most effective medium to attract the customers to your product. By using these channels, you can earn a large base of the fans of your business product. You can also consult an internet marketing professional if you want to manage the promotion of your products and services effectively.
  • Attract Your Audience With Interactive Content: Content Marketing is a strategy which can engage the customers to go through the entire website. A web development expert will decorate the website with an impressive content, which can improve the ranking of your site.