Stop Internet Insanity

The problem is, finding good, reliable, honest work on the Internet is a very difficult task. There are many charlatans (guru’s) on the Internet who want to sell you hype. They are not interested in helping you make money and 9 times out of 10 they are not selling anything of value that other people really want. However, they have a way of wooing you into their business by showing you pictures of grandioso homes, luxury cars, motor boats and planes. They will even stand in front of these props and be photographed or videotaped so that it looks real to you that they own these fabulous possessions. Then they show us awesome vacation sites where they supposedly go and finally the kicker; a fake copy of their bank account. I believe this is the very thing that seals the deal. We see that money on paper and we think to ourselves, “That could be my bank account.” It is not abnormal to think this way. Of course, we want to be like these people. It is only human nature to want nice things like others have. It is alright to dream, we all have dreams.

Many of us dream of having those very things, some of us just dream of being debt free or having extra time to spend with our family on a nice vacation. These guru’s steal our dreams along with our money. In some cases with their upsells on the pages that follow their initial signup page, they can wipe out an entire bank account within minutes. It is time to put a stop to this fleecing of the world by these pirates of the Internet. We make up the Internet, it belongs to us. We need to take it back or at least rid it of these charlatans.

Make More Income on the Internet

If you do not have any products or services of your own then it is still possible to earn income online as you can promote other people’s products through affiliate marketing. This can be a great way for the average person to get started as it is quick and does not require much money to get started. The first step is to pick a good affiliate product to promote, there are many good affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, ClickBank, Linkshare to name a few. The next step would be to decide on traffic sources that you can send targeted traffic to your affiliate pages. It is important to find a way to collect email addresses also from visitors as this will allow you to follow up with them over time and increase your return on investment.

You should consider using an auto responder service to generate an opt in list as these leads can be valuable in the long term for following up and offering other similar products. A key tip to keep in mind when choosing a product is to make sure that you believe in the product and that it is either something you are using or would consider using in the future. Keep in mind that selling is a transference of feelings so if you believe in the products and services then it will be reflected in the sales and marketing messages. In order to collect leads you will need to create a landing page with the opt in form. Be sure to split test multiple landing pages in your advertising campaigns and track your opt in rates closely. There are many good link tracking software programs out there so pick one that is in your price range and use it to track your campaigns closely. Use some of these tips to help you become more successful at making money online.

Digital Transformation

Digitalization happens to be at the moment the main source of tremendous transformations in different aspects of our lives. Digitalization is the new connectivity for citizens, policy makers, societies and governments. It presents unlimited chances to the creation of more value to businesses, although if not undertaken carefully, it also represents risk.

Much has been discussed and analyzed, very specifically the economic or societal implications of the digitalization phenomenon, questions are rising and contest widening, while important questions are just appearing while the process of the digital transformation is taking place.

However, throughout all this processes, I want to point out as an urgent matter and the most important factor in all this boom: Who is the operator behind a machine? To whom are companies targeting their augmented or virtual reality gadgets? Who is behind all this digital transformation show? Is what some economists from the EU business school name: the unitary cost of production, say, the human being, say, you and me.

Some great personalities around the world from various cultures, I am talking about supermen who undertook time to scrutinize our inner and outer nature. Those great philosophers agree that the present mankind’s evolutionary state is that of the mere intellect, nothing else nothing much. Intellect has enabled us to go beyond the unexpected in the material world. It has enabled us to progress in many fields of thoughts from the materialistic point of view, say, what our senses experiment as a stimulation that comes from the outside: object and subject. However, paradoxical as it seems we are perpetuating our dependence to devices and decreases the natural abilities we have been born with, making us in many cases mentally lazy and acting like slaves of those devices. Otherwise, can anyone explain if they know how are thoughts are formed or how can we undergo profound changes in our deep personality and have an integrated life? Statistics show a very bad projection in this so far.

Exponential growth which defines most of the scenarios we are actually living can help us understand all this material phenomenon. Universal laws from a physical point of view limit our senses and way of existing. Exponential growth therefore releases unlimited possibilities in graphics, virtual realities, holographic realities or astral realities. When a computer’s speed continuously increases its rate the more fantastic or even science fiction like computers or devices comes up. Processor chips- “Computer’s main component is called the Central Processing Unit, or CPU for short. The CPU is a very small piece of silicon and is often referred to as the silicon chip or the processor chip. This tiny little piece is the brain of the computer, equivalent to the engine of a car”-double in speed every eighteen months according to Moore’s Law, the rule of thumb in the technology industry. Therefore, computers as we know, up to 2025 will tend to be more than 70 times faster than it is now in 2016. Photonics (“the branch of technology concerned with the properties and transmission of photons, for example in fibre optics”), says the more data coming out of fiber-optic cables, faster connectivity, this increase at more than double rates every nine months.

Meanwhile as an exercise analysis, changing customer expectations, cultural transformation, outdated regulation, and identifying and accessing the right skills – to name just a few. These challenges need to be addressed by industry and government leaders to unlock the substantial benefits digital offers society and industry. Machines increase efficiency, provides lots of tools to deal with ailments, health problems among others, in the other hand also decreases our intellectual coefficient not allowing to use discernment or analytical abilities, it also disintegrate our personality making us sometimes too much ego or selfie (The Internet of Me) driven making us loose vision of a holistic life view.

After placing a debate above on the real meaning of the human being behind the devices, we want to always emphasize very clearly that technology is useful. Technology is beautiful. Nothing more than that: “The word technology comes from two Greek words, transliterated techne and logos. Techne means art, skill, craft, or the way, manner, or means by which a thing is gained… So, literally, technology means words or discourse about the way things are gained.”

Bearing these premises in mind, quite many recommendations can be given out but as a set information to aid incumbent industry leaders in their efforts to achieve a proper digital transformation this can apply not only in companies but in any groups such as families, students, social organisms, etc.:

Place the human factor above everything and anything. This include a solid ground human resource philosophy in the company.

Have moments of silent, periodical moments of conscious silence (this is far different from sleeping), away from all type of technological devices. Turn them all off while you are into these systematic moments of silent. If in group, the better although is strongly advised to do it individual as individual mental peace brings forth collective peace. It all starts with each one of us! Regularity is advised, hopefully twice a day, 30 mns.

Start practicing meditation twice a day. 30 mns. in the morning, 30 mns. in the afternoon. Meditation create new neurons, increase the brain’s gray matter, widen brain connection. It makes us more intelligent. Intelligence doesn’t mean just having a high IQ. Meditation increases immune function and decreases pain. Meditation decreases inflammation from the cellular aspect. Meditation decrease stress, depression and anxiety.

Training to each one of the members on how to breath properly (a vast majority of people don’t know how to breathe even though they have noses!).

Start training on what you eat. Yes, you are what you eat. The purer the food the more intelligent is our mind. Food goes to the blood. The blood nourishes our brain and overall system.

The creation of a new digital culture consist on involving everybody, shareholders, stakeholders, etc

Start searching and identifying, developing and later on launching new, digital business models.

Setting up successful corporate venturing businesses inside the company is a must.

Every aspect of operations must be re-examined.

Leveraging data and the right digital traction metrics must be part of the new culture. This also includes investments in security.

Build a high-quotient digital workforce

Use Social Media for Business

Essentially, social media marketing is one of the best ways to get a greater share of the market. This is mostly because consumers are now turning to social media whenever they need to buy something. To ensure you attract more of these consumers, you need to revamp your profiles, accounts and on various social channels so that they can choose to buy from you.

Consider the following steps to increase your social media reach and attract more customers:

1. Understand Your Prospect

Before you join any social network to make sales for your business, ensure you understand your client base. Social media only works when your prospect and clients are on these channels.

Therefore, you should comprehensively research the market. Then find out how many of your target customers are using such sites as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Once you have this information, you can go right ahead and start connecting with your prospects on the respective channels using social media for business.

2. Create a Persona

Spend some time with the channels you are going to use. Then, build up your personal account using your business brand as the online persona. Reach out to your prospects, have conversation with them, and become acquainted with their expectations and norms.

Of course, the persona you create must come off looking professional, trustworthy and likeable. Grow your company and talking about your industry. Retweet them, comment on their posts, share those you find interesting, and answer their question.

When you contribute to these online conversation, you will be adding value to their networks. After that, it will only be natural for them to try find out more about you. At this point, ensure you don’t bombard them with the pitches you have prepared. Instead, get to know them well and identify their particular needs. This way, when the time comes for you to use social media for business/sales, you will know exactly how to approach them

4. Build Relationship

This is important if you are to remain in business over the long haul. Good relationship always turn into dependable leads. People tend to share a lot of information on social media. Therefore, you should monitor them and listen to what they have to say. Eventually, you will be in a better position to engage with them in a more meaningful way.

After developing the relationship, you can start telling your prospects about how your products/service might be something that they need or want.

5. Converse

The worst thing you can do while marketing on social media is to write your prospects and add a pitch and links to your products. Instead inform them that you have a couple of solutions that might help them. This way, they know you actually care about them.