Stop Internet Insanity

The problem is, finding good, reliable, honest work on the Internet is a very difficult task. There are many charlatans (guru’s) on the Internet who want to sell you hype. They are not interested in helping you make money and 9 times out of 10 they are not selling anything of value that other people really want. However, they have a way of wooing you into their business by showing you pictures of grandioso homes, luxury cars, motor boats and planes. They will even stand in front of these props and be photographed or videotaped so that it looks real to you that they own these fabulous possessions. Then they show us awesome vacation sites where they supposedly go and finally the kicker; a fake copy of their bank account. I believe this is the very thing that seals the deal. We see that money on paper and we think to ourselves, “That could be my bank account.” It is not abnormal to think this way. Of course, we want to be like these people. It is only human nature to want nice things like others have. It is alright to dream, we all have dreams.

Many of us dream of having those very things, some of us just dream of being debt free or having extra time to spend with our family on a nice vacation. These guru’s steal our dreams along with our money. In some cases with their upsells on the pages that follow their initial signup page, they can wipe out an entire bank account within minutes. It is time to put a stop to this fleecing of the world by these pirates of the Internet. We make up the Internet, it belongs to us. We need to take it back or at least rid it of these charlatans.

Make More Income on the Internet

If you do not have any products or services of your own then it is still possible to earn income online as you can promote other people’s products through affiliate marketing. This can be a great way for the average person to get started as it is quick and does not require much money to get started. The first step is to pick a good affiliate product to promote, there are many good affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, ClickBank, Linkshare to name a few. The next step would be to decide on traffic sources that you can send targeted traffic to your affiliate pages. It is important to find a way to collect email addresses also from visitors as this will allow you to follow up with them over time and increase your return on investment.

You should consider using an auto responder service to generate an opt in list as these leads can be valuable in the long term for following up and offering other similar products. A key tip to keep in mind when choosing a product is to make sure that you believe in the product and that it is either something you are using or would consider using in the future. Keep in mind that selling is a transference of feelings so if you believe in the products and services then it will be reflected in the sales and marketing messages. In order to collect leads you will need to create a landing page with the opt in form. Be sure to split test multiple landing pages in your advertising campaigns and track your opt in rates closely. There are many good link tracking software programs out there so pick one that is in your price range and use it to track your campaigns closely. Use some of these tips to help you become more successful at making money online.

Digital Transformation

Digitalization happens to be at the moment the main source of tremendous transformations in different aspects of our lives. Digitalization is the new connectivity for citizens, policy makers, societies and governments. It presents unlimited chances to the creation of more value to businesses, although if not undertaken carefully, it also represents risk.

Much has been discussed and analyzed, very specifically the economic or societal implications of the digitalization phenomenon, questions are rising and contest widening, while important questions are just appearing while the process of the digital transformation is taking place.

However, throughout all this processes, I want to point out as an urgent matter and the most important factor in all this boom: Who is the operator behind a machine? To whom are companies targeting their augmented or virtual reality gadgets? Who is behind all this digital transformation show? Is what some economists from the EU business school name: the unitary cost of production, say, the human being, say, you and me.

Some great personalities around the world from various cultures, I am talking about supermen who undertook time to scrutinize our inner and outer nature. Those great philosophers agree that the present mankind’s evolutionary state is that of the mere intellect, nothing else nothing much. Intellect has enabled us to go beyond the unexpected in the material world. It has enabled us to progress in many fields of thoughts from the materialistic point of view, say, what our senses experiment as a stimulation that comes from the outside: object and subject. However, paradoxical as it seems we are perpetuating our dependence to devices and decreases the natural abilities we have been born with, making us in many cases mentally lazy and acting like slaves of those devices. Otherwise, can anyone explain if they know how are thoughts are formed or how can we undergo profound changes in our deep personality and have an integrated life? Statistics show a very bad projection in this so far.

Exponential growth which defines most of the scenarios we are actually living can help us understand all this material phenomenon. Universal laws from a physical point of view limit our senses and way of existing. Exponential growth therefore releases unlimited possibilities in graphics, virtual realities, holographic realities or astral realities. When a computer’s speed continuously increases its rate the more fantastic or even science fiction like computers or devices comes up. Processor chips- “Computer’s main component is called the Central Processing Unit, or CPU for short. The CPU is a very small piece of silicon and is often referred to as the silicon chip or the processor chip. This tiny little piece is the brain of the computer, equivalent to the engine of a car”-double in speed every eighteen months according to Moore’s Law, the rule of thumb in the technology industry. Therefore, computers as we know, up to 2025 will tend to be more than 70 times faster than it is now in 2016. Photonics (“the branch of technology concerned with the properties and transmission of photons, for example in fibre optics”), says the more data coming out of fiber-optic cables, faster connectivity, this increase at more than double rates every nine months.

Meanwhile as an exercise analysis, changing customer expectations, cultural transformation, outdated regulation, and identifying and accessing the right skills – to name just a few. These challenges need to be addressed by industry and government leaders to unlock the substantial benefits digital offers society and industry. Machines increase efficiency, provides lots of tools to deal with ailments, health problems among others, in the other hand also decreases our intellectual coefficient not allowing to use discernment or analytical abilities, it also disintegrate our personality making us sometimes too much ego or selfie (The Internet of Me) driven making us loose vision of a holistic life view.

After placing a debate above on the real meaning of the human being behind the devices, we want to always emphasize very clearly that technology is useful. Technology is beautiful. Nothing more than that: “The word technology comes from two Greek words, transliterated techne and logos. Techne means art, skill, craft, or the way, manner, or means by which a thing is gained… So, literally, technology means words or discourse about the way things are gained.”

Bearing these premises in mind, quite many recommendations can be given out but as a set information to aid incumbent industry leaders in their efforts to achieve a proper digital transformation this can apply not only in companies but in any groups such as families, students, social organisms, etc.:

Place the human factor above everything and anything. This include a solid ground human resource philosophy in the company.

Have moments of silent, periodical moments of conscious silence (this is far different from sleeping), away from all type of technological devices. Turn them all off while you are into these systematic moments of silent. If in group, the better although is strongly advised to do it individual as individual mental peace brings forth collective peace. It all starts with each one of us! Regularity is advised, hopefully twice a day, 30 mns.

Start practicing meditation twice a day. 30 mns. in the morning, 30 mns. in the afternoon. Meditation create new neurons, increase the brain’s gray matter, widen brain connection. It makes us more intelligent. Intelligence doesn’t mean just having a high IQ. Meditation increases immune function and decreases pain. Meditation decreases inflammation from the cellular aspect. Meditation decrease stress, depression and anxiety.

Training to each one of the members on how to breath properly (a vast majority of people don’t know how to breathe even though they have noses!).

Start training on what you eat. Yes, you are what you eat. The purer the food the more intelligent is our mind. Food goes to the blood. The blood nourishes our brain and overall system.

The creation of a new digital culture consist on involving everybody, shareholders, stakeholders, etc

Start searching and identifying, developing and later on launching new, digital business models.

Setting up successful corporate venturing businesses inside the company is a must.

Every aspect of operations must be re-examined.

Leveraging data and the right digital traction metrics must be part of the new culture. This also includes investments in security.

Build a high-quotient digital workforce

Use Social Media for Business

Essentially, social media marketing is one of the best ways to get a greater share of the market. This is mostly because consumers are now turning to social media whenever they need to buy something. To ensure you attract more of these consumers, you need to revamp your profiles, accounts and on various social channels so that they can choose to buy from you.

Consider the following steps to increase your social media reach and attract more customers:

1. Understand Your Prospect

Before you join any social network to make sales for your business, ensure you understand your client base. Social media only works when your prospect and clients are on these channels.

Therefore, you should comprehensively research the market. Then find out how many of your target customers are using such sites as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Once you have this information, you can go right ahead and start connecting with your prospects on the respective channels using social media for business.

2. Create a Persona

Spend some time with the channels you are going to use. Then, build up your personal account using your business brand as the online persona. Reach out to your prospects, have conversation with them, and become acquainted with their expectations and norms.

Of course, the persona you create must come off looking professional, trustworthy and likeable. Grow your company and talking about your industry. Retweet them, comment on their posts, share those you find interesting, and answer their question.

When you contribute to these online conversation, you will be adding value to their networks. After that, it will only be natural for them to try find out more about you. At this point, ensure you don’t bombard them with the pitches you have prepared. Instead, get to know them well and identify their particular needs. This way, when the time comes for you to use social media for business/sales, you will know exactly how to approach them

4. Build Relationship

This is important if you are to remain in business over the long haul. Good relationship always turn into dependable leads. People tend to share a lot of information on social media. Therefore, you should monitor them and listen to what they have to say. Eventually, you will be in a better position to engage with them in a more meaningful way.

After developing the relationship, you can start telling your prospects about how your products/service might be something that they need or want.

5. Converse

The worst thing you can do while marketing on social media is to write your prospects and add a pitch and links to your products. Instead inform them that you have a couple of solutions that might help them. This way, they know you actually care about them.

Write A Legitimate Product Review

1. Realize you’re going to be spending some time on this. Commit to using the product yourself and writing a bare minimum of 1,000 words.

2. Choose the product. It should be something you want and you can use, while also being of interest to your readers.

3. Know your audience. What are they most interested in? What are their goals? Keep them in mind during the entire process because you’re doing this review for them.

4. Be unbiased and objective. Don’t bring preconceived notions to your review. Start with an open mind, looking for all of the positives and all of the negatives. Remember, your reputation is on the line so be honest.

5. Use the product. Some reviewers try to get away without using the product, and it always shows in their reviews. Don’t fake it – use it.

6. As you’re going through or using the product, keep these questions in front of you:

  • What does the product do?
  • How is the product different from similar products?
  • How difficult or easy is it to use this product?
  • What makes this product worth the purchase?
  • What’s wrong with or missing from the product?
  • Who is this product intended for?
  • Where can this product be purchased?

7. Take notes as you’re using it. You won’t remember everything later when you go to write your review. Plus your notes will make the writing process much faster.

8. Don’t rely on PR and marketing material. Yes, you can use their photos. But write your own review from scratch.

9. List the good and the bad. You might make a Ben Franklin style list, placing the pros on the left side of the page and the cons on the right. Remember, even if you are acting as an affiliate for the product, your review will be much more believable when you also list the cons. And your reputation will remain intact for future promotions, too.

10. If it’s relevant, include technical information. Just ask yourself – would your readers want to know this?

11. Provide examples of the product’s use. You could write about different situations it might be used in, different outcomes it could facilitate and so forth. If you put the product to use yourself, write about your experience and the results you achieved.

12. If you’re selling the product as an affiliate, be sure to disclose that fact.

Mindset Hacks for Online Marketers

Here then are 5 money mindset hacks you MUST have to permanently increase your income in a dramatic, gratifying fashion:

1. Believe in yourself and your abilities.

To say this is key is an understatement. If you don’t believe in yourself, you will actively find ways to fail, whether you realize you’re doing it or not.

We all deal with being vulnerable, feeling uncertain and fearing failure.

But you’ve got to trust that by moving forward despite these feelings, you’ll figure it out. It’s a matter of stacking small victories one on top of the other. Each victory should give you some small boost in confidence that you can use to earn the next victory, and so forth.

This is why having a big hairy goal often doesn’t work – you don’t believe you can accomplish it because you’ve never done anything like it before. But if you break that big hairy goal down into tiny simple goals, and then accomplish them one by one, soon you will believe that yes, you truly can do anything you set your mind to.

2. Lose your money blocks

If you’re perpetually short of money, you’ve likely been programmed to have a negative relationship with it. During your childhood you heard things like, “Rich people are crooks,” and “Money is the root of all evil.”

Two things you can do to lose your money blocks are…

Reprogram yourself. The subconscious believes whatever it hears over and over again. To reprogram your subconscious takes work, but it’s worth it. When you think, “I have to work hard to make money,” correct yourself with a statement such as, “It is so easy and fun to earn money.” Choose 2 or 3 positive affirmations and turn them into mantras that you say to yourself throughout your day and as you fall asleep.

Find friends who are good at making money. Connect with others who are on the same entrepreneurial path you’re on. Talking to, relating to and being around people who easily make money will help you to see it’s alright for you to make money as well.

3. Declutter your life

This one is simple – if you have a lot of useless stuff lying around your office, your home and your car, you don’t have room for the abundance you’re seeking. You don’t have room to grow. Money loves speed, clarity and clear space. It hates clutter. Get rid of everything in your life that serves no purpose and organize the rest.

4. Be ever so grateful

Let go of resentments. Forgive positively everybody of everything, with no exceptions. Holding resentments only hurts yourself – it doesn’t hurt the person you refuse to forgive. And be grateful for everything you have in your life, as well as those things about to come into your life.

5. Forgive yourself for your financial past

The person you most need to forgive is yourself. And you might have to do it over and over again. Forgiveness is a funny thing – today you forgive yourself, tomorrow you’re berating yourself again for the less-than-wise decisions you made. Any time you find yourself beating yourself up, forgive yourself. You did the best you could at the time. Remind yourself that the past can never be undone, and you can’t live there, either. But you do have today, so make it count.

Digital Marketing Services

Starting up with a plan.

Getting a product or service ready is the first ladder that startups and business entrepreneurs count on, and once this is taken care of, the second and the most important factor of a business is to make people aware of the fact that “yes we exist”. This is where marketing comes in the pictures, a planned strategy is placed on the table and a team is prepared to execute the plan, the teams can be in-house or outsourced to companies, outsourcing helps in cutting the cost and the hassle. The majority of the marketing plans consist of mentioned below areas.

  • Internet Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Paper Media Marketing
  • Television Media Marketing
  • Outbound Marketing

And few others, in all these marketing strategies, Internet marketing is one of the widely used systems, as the world is moving towards digital media, so more the users more the business opportunity.

Understanding Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is further divided into various services which include, SEO (Search Engine optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and few others. Among these services, SEO is majorly used by almost all the business which rely on internet visitors.

SEO in a layman’s Language.

To make it simple, SEO services is like a Mall, where all the websites acts as a store which is lined up, the probability of a visitor to visit a store would be the stores which come first when a visitor Walked in the mall, likewise on a search engine, an end-user marks the entry by searching for a product or service, and becomes a visitors, on the results we see a list of websites listed, all those acts as store, now the probability is that the visitor would enter on the website which comes first to his sight and probability of getting Sales converted would be higher. As now we understand the basic idea of SEO, we also understand why SEO services are required.

Hunt for SEO amateurs.

This can be tricky, when we start off with a business, the most crucial part is to get the plan executed as per the time frame, be it product launch, be it marketing, meeting the gap between requirement and supply, or any other part of the flow chart, any delay can invite a loss, which has even made ventures to re-think on the strategies, however, the major loss is the loss of time, which can not be recovered. So getting the right person is very crucial. If we listen to industry experts, according to them, instead of hiring an executive or a team, startups should opt for outsourcing the business to some agency, however this too is difficult at times, which agency should be considered, Big agencies are least bothered to take on the small budget projects, small organizations are hard to believe in, so who should be considered as the reliable agency. Well for that an exhaustive research is required, a background check with previous clients, testimonials, and most importantly which almost most of the end users fail to see is to check where the agency’s in-house website is ranking, apart from this a complete strategy should be discussed in detailed to understand what the agency is planning to do.

Avoid Internet Marketing Struggles

1 Hopping between shiny objects without any focus. This only fact seems to be the most distracting and disrupting cause for most of the failure of so many online marketing entrepreneurs.

2 Drowning in boatloads of information. Buying information without any end purpose is a sure recipe for disaster, information alone is not enough. You need to take action with the info available and measure and monitor your results in order to know if it is working or not.

3 Lack of focus and spreading out too thin without the proper experience going into too many projects and no finishing any one of them.

4 Lack of basic tech skills to manage by yourself all the requirements to start a web business and cover all the basic aspects like copy writing, website design, capture page, thank you pages, offers, graphic design and so on… but do not freak out because in a few moments you will be covered…

5 Not having the faintest idea of how creating and building a list of responsive targeted members. Lack of rapport with your member’s list. Not having the communication skills required to communicate with your list and many other persons in your online marketing web business.

6 Not having the right kind of tools and resources that allow you manage effectively your online web business.

7 And now the worst of all the weakness, we have suffered along all those years of pains: Not having quality mentorship that have helped us in our best interest in spite of our fears and lack of action to be a successful web business entrepreneur And now before closing I want to call your attention to my site name, where I integrated into the title the words “heart and hands” to serve you… and let me tell you that it is part of a conviction to serve you in your best interest… thus, and I take the opportunity to invite you to watch a Jay Abraham YouTube video on the concept of preeminence strategy.

A high level concept and very important to have in mind by all online marketing business entrepreneurs who are creating successful businesses for the long run.

And together with all said above I want to say that it is time for all the pain and struggles to be left behind and looking for the right and high quality mentorship that can be obtained from the successful business owners who are making consistently six and seven figures per month.

But I want to cautioned you that quality mentorship is rather costly but is the solution to end the pain and struggles that have accompanied you for so long… and the sooner you do it the better for you and your loves ones… dare to go forward and succeed as you never has done before.

I promise You that my heart and hands will be available all the way to help you in your journey to the top.

Creating Facebook Group

1. Creating and Controlling a Group That Shares Your Vision

Anyone who has created their own Facebook page has probably joined at least one Facebook group. Many people join dozens of groups, knowing that in each varied group the topic of conversation is going to stick close to the main topic.

When you start your own Facebook group you are the one who controls the discussions. Facebook users who seek information contained in your group will gladly join if your group is properly set up and maintained.

A well-run group can grow quite large. Once your group reaches a certain size, Facebook users will consider you a leader in the community, rewarding you for a job well done.

2. Be Seen

Many bloggers and internet marketers have developed their own web presence by spending a lot of time creating and marketing their business.

They know that the internet is a vast place and usually follow Pat Flynn’s strategy: be seen everywhere. This not only increases your online exposure, but is a great way to send traffic to your blog or website.

Those unfamiliar with Pat Flynn should note that he is a successful online entrepreneur, a podcaster and a very well-known blogger.

If you follow his simple message about being seen everywhere online, especially in your own Facebook group, you expand your online presence and grow your own group at the same time.

3. Sell Without Selling

Most people spend time on Facebook on a daily basis. Make use of the social aspect of social media and become an active part of the groups you create and the groups you join.

Creating a community of like-minded people will showcase your personality and increase your socialization skills. Just be yourself and people will buy whatever you are selling without you having to make any sales pitches.

Increase the Website Traffic

Blog, Blog, Blog

Blogging is the best way of increasing your web traffic. It doesn’t only let you create fresh SEO-friendly content pages but also helps you in creating lots of custom URLs pointing towards your website. More blog articles you write – more organic traffic you can get. For instance, a company named ‘Convirza’ leveraged blogging to its full potential. They wrote 150 posts in 50 days and published 3 blogs each weekday.

Weekly Results from Day 1 to Day 50:

– Blog Traffic Increase: 210{4800f06654dd3ce8a58ffe8b3dc26ab126064598c5ef3ac1c5c5807a241d21ec}

– Blog Organic Traffic Increase: 514{4800f06654dd3ce8a58ffe8b3dc26ab126064598c5ef3ac1c5c5807a241d21ec}

– Blog Referral Traffic Increase: 901{4800f06654dd3ce8a58ffe8b3dc26ab126064598c5ef3ac1c5c5807a241d21ec}

– Blog Direct Traffic Increase: 201{4800f06654dd3ce8a58ffe8b3dc26ab126064598c5ef3ac1c5c5807a241d21ec}

– Entire Site Organic Traffic Increase: 69{4800f06654dd3ce8a58ffe8b3dc26ab126064598c5ef3ac1c5c5807a241d21ec}

So you can see how a blog with high quality content can affect your web traffic positively. Don’t forget – it’s not just that high number of articles that did the job for them. Only quantity is never enough. It happened because of large number of blog articles, high quality content, proper blog promotion, and right monitoring & tracking.

Promote Your Blog

Writing quality blog article is not sufficient. ‘If you build, they will come’ doesn’t work in real life. To get your blog articles highlighted, you must reach out to the influencers in your industry. Try to create different visual snippets of your blog for spreading on digital mediums. Each snippet will have its own title, sub-title, image, social proof, customer testimonial etc. Share your blog articles on social media channels. Use email marketing to share your blog with your clients and prospects. Get in touch with people who have shared similar type of content. You can fins such people on Buzzsumo. Try to create a video using your blog article and share it on video marketing platforms. Create a presentation from your blog and share it on Slide Share. Once your deck is uploaded on Slide Share, ensure that it’s optimized for SEO. Focus on its title and description. Slide Share’s transcribe is very helpful in ensuring that your deck content can be crawled by popular search engines. Slide Share presentations, like YouTube videos, often rank very high in search results so you’re giving your content an even better chance of being found.

Engage Influential People in Your Niche

Influencer marketing is getting bigger every day. Influencer marketing and outreach is a powerful way to extend your reach with a target audience without relying on paid media. And people who are missing it, they are losing lots of online traffic on the table. If your content can’t reach your target audience, then it’s useless. There are some marketers who can reach out to target audience after spending lots of paid advertisement. Still, it doesn’t generate desired level of website traffic.

Did you ever think about it?

The one simple reason is – your target audience may read your content but they will not share it. Agree or not – it’s a bitter fact. This especially applies to serious, complex business content. Even if some of them share it, it won’t get you a widespread reach.

Any type of content that is not shared widely, doesn’t fulfill its true purpose. That’s where influencers come into the picture. Because, they are influencers not for nothing. They have got a big number of followers who keep an eye on what is being shared by the influencers. And that’s how your content reach out to the world. But there is a catch.

The influencer in your industry may not like your content though it might be okay for your target audience. There is a difference. Your content should be appealing for the influencers.

How to determine what they like or not?

It’s simple – find out what kind of topics they are writing and sharing online. ‘Buzzsumo’ is my favorite tool to find out the influencers as well current trending topics.

Here is a quick list of top 8 content search tools with different set of features that can be used:

  • Buzzsumo
  • Traackr
  • Tomoson
  • Pitchbox
  • BuzzStream
  • Inkybee
  • Outreachr

Using these tools, you find out the right influencers in your niche and their preferred topics. Make a list of such topics and start creating high quality content around those topics.

Fix Your Website’s On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is about what your website tells Google.Make sure that it talks sense. In search engine optimization, on-page optimization refers to factors that influence your Web site or Web page listing in organic search results. These factors are controlled by you or by coding on your page. Even if you are not an SEO expert, you can make some small but critical changes mentioned below and you will see better ranking for your website in SERPs. Better ranking for your website means higher traffic.

Make website URLs SEO friendly. Short URLs having your target keyword can be very useful.

Don’t ignore H1 and H2 tags to fill with right keywords.

The H1 tags are critical ranking factor since they send important signal to search engines as to what a page of content is about.

Make the most of Image Alt title.

The alt attribute is a modifier that gives descriptive information about the image called in an individual image tag within a page of HTML code. Remember, on-page SEO can be a low hanging fruit yet provides you a strategic advantage to get higher web traffic.

Leverage LinkedIn Fully

LinkedIn is one of the most popular source of professional networking and finding business-oriented information. So, start posting content on your LinkedIn profile and share it in different groups related to your industry. The biggest benefit of doing this will be – you will get targeted traffic to your website. This will work two-way – your web traffic will increase and your LinkedIn profile will become more impressive. You can also leverage LinkedIn analytics to know how is your content performing.

Summing Up

Website traffic works like oxygen for your lead generation and sales funnel efforts. If you are able to nail the first key challenge of web traffic increase, rest is all about managing that traffic and convert them into loyal customers. Let’s leave this topic of how to convert the website visitors into customers for another day, another blog post. Are you now ready to implement these strategies discussed above? Do you believe that it’s high-time to start making each visit count for your business? Share your experience and how you could leverage these proven web traffic enhancement strategies and how did it improve your website traffic?