Stop Internet Insanity

The problem is, finding good, reliable, honest work on the Internet is a very difficult task. There are many charlatans (guru’s) on the Internet who want to sell you hype. They are not interested in helping you make money and 9 times out of 10 they are not selling anything of value that other people really want. However, they have a way of wooing you into their business by showing you pictures of grandioso homes, luxury cars, motor boats and planes. They will even stand in front of these props and be photographed or videotaped so that it looks real to you that they own these fabulous possessions. Then they show us awesome vacation sites where they supposedly go and finally the kicker; a fake copy of their bank account. I believe this is the very thing that seals the deal. We see that money on paper and we think to ourselves, “That could be my bank account.” It is not abnormal to think this way. Of course, we want to be like these people. It is only human nature to want nice things like others have. It is alright to dream, we all have dreams.

Many of us dream of having those very things, some of us just dream of being debt free or having extra time to spend with our family on a nice vacation. These guru’s steal our dreams along with our money. In some cases with their upsells on the pages that follow their initial signup page, they can wipe out an entire bank account within minutes. It is time to put a stop to this fleecing of the world by these pirates of the Internet. We make up the Internet, it belongs to us. We need to take it back or at least rid it of these charlatans.